1. Admiration

  2. A Portrait of a 

    Woman in Matrimony

    Every thing is happening on its own. 

    Some things how you want them to happen, 

    Some how you don’t want them to happen. 

    Nothing in your hand but

    A whisper,

    A prayer,

    A hope…

    And in all that, you are beautiful, 

    Made to look beautiful. 

  3. A Portrait of a Woman’s Lonelyness

    When even a 

    Crowded room

    Feels like the edge of a 

    Steep cliff, 

    When every word 

    Is an echo, 

    In the depths of 

    A well…

  4. A Portrait of a Woman’s Intuition

    I have time and again experienced

    and now believe, that the woman 

    knows. A man’s knowledge,ignorance,

    or opinion doesn’t matter.

    What matters is that if I dont know, 

    I dare not question her either.

  6. while she jogs..

  7. captain-kikka:

    pastel drawing on paper 50 x 70 cm

    by Anna Franczuk

  8. captain-kikka:

    by Kikka (Anna Franczuk), dry pastel drawing

    A wonderful artist

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  10. The Jello monster emerges from a cricket stadium
    I recorded a few vids using my cellphone from the top of my office building. My aim was to 
    mix cell animation with the real footage using motion tracking. 
    The motion tracking was done using Adobe After Effects. The cell animation was done using Toon boom Pro.